Saturday, November 17, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018 - Day 17

So my blog title:
I'm a fan of a lot of animals.  I never thought much about squirrels until I moved from California to the Midwest for medical school.  I think Canada geese dominated those med school years because during the fall they were everywhere! And, there were a few squirrels, but you didn't really see them until winter when you would see their nests in the trees.

Then I moved to Chicago... not many squirrels in the city.

Then I moved to Minneapolis, and a little house I shared with my then fiancé along one of the lakes. And we had a great yard. With a lot of squirrels. On my days off, I would stare out of the window and watch their antics while I worked on lectures for a class I was teaching.  Soon I was feeding them, bought one of those squirrel corn spinner things, a squirrel bungie corn thing, and my love of squirrels developed.

Then, when I was accepted to residency in Buffalo, 
I started to keep a blog and hence the first blog title:

And they did!  This one lived just above my car park.
He'd chatter at me when I'd come out of the house.

Then after the first year of residency, I started my second blog:

The blog followed the next two years of 
my Emergency Medicine Residency.

When I graduated from residency, I started this blog:
"California Dreamin' Squirrel"
Which details the last 8 years since I graduated
with all of it's new adventures
and a few tragedies...

But now I collect squirrels...
In photos and in real life.
Friends send me videos and memes.
It's become my thing...

In a couple of years, maybe I'll start a new blog...
Wonder what that title will be..?


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StephAbbott said...

Ha! They seem to be social yet wary of humans. I enjoy watching them trail from yard to yard on the fence, jump in the trees above, and forage. They seem to keep an eye on me all the while.

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