Friday, November 16, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018 - Day 16

"If you want to find me I'll be
Playing with the boys..."

I was having a bout of writer's block this evening,
and the prompt from my online group just wasn't 
inspiring words to come forth,
so after a couple of hours of doodling and needing to
put words to blog, I decided to play the iTunes Shuffle...

Whatever the next song was, no matter what,
I was going to write a blog about something it reminded me of...

"So say "Geronimo" say "Geronimo!""

And suddenly I was thinking of my uncle Ruben;
the one I've written about before who raised me like a father,
who taught me how not to be a girl,
and whom I think of whenever I'm about to do something
definitely not girl like...

Like flying a glider...

Hubby thought it would be a great experience to feel what
he feels when he is hang gliding, but in a more
controlled environment...
if you can call flying powerlessly through the air controlled, 
but whatever...

After about an hour of ground instruction,
here's me sitting in the cockpit about to be towed up...

The tow plane pulls you to altitude and then lets you glide..

"Now I'm feeling so high, like a G6..."

And that's what you do... you ride the thermals and try to get some lift
so that you can keep going.

I was so fascinated by the view I almost forgot I was supposed to be
flying the plane.

"If you've got troubles let 'em go, 
let 'em soar so high, high into the sky 
just like a red balloon..."

And I did... the flight instructor said I had good instincts,
or maybe he says that to all the newbies to give them confidence
and keep them coming back...

Still, I actually did fly and control the glide plane all the way back
to the runway approach, and the instructor brought us in for the final landing...

I thought about my Uncle who would be so proud
that he raised me to be fearless,
to accept challenges,
to continue to take him wherever I roam
in my heart...

Bucket list: fly a (glide) plane

"I had the time of my life and I never felt this way before..."


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