Monday, November 26, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018 - Day 26

My AOL group prompt for today asked about what I might talk to someone about over a glass of wine. It's kind of hard to say. When meeting new people, I generally keep the conversation light; try to find things in common. Talk about the weather, or a sports team, or about a recent movie or book.

Friends and I catch up over a glass of wine.  Who's dating whom. Who changed jobs. Where are our lives going and are we happy with our current choices. Do we still love our spouses and can we put thoughts of long ago relationships away.

Really good friends and I just sit.  We sip our wine and relish in the time we're spending together. A lot of times we speak very little. Just a look or a nod. A question is answered with a facial expression; we know each other so well. We savor being in each other's presence the way you savor a fine chardonnay.

And, the wine will matter. 
Casual acquaintance: something cheap and easy... a house wine. A red blend. Something you'll sling back and not even take a second thought about.

Friend: a wine you're familiar with. Nothing adventurous. Almost like comfort food. A Coppola Merlot. A Trefethen Reisling. a Cakebread Cabernet.

Really good friend: you'll splurge a bit on this one. The wine has to have body, bouquet, with a spectacular finish. You might experiment on this one. Possibly a boutique wine from Chile. A giggle with an unexplored wine from the MidWest. A serious white from Germany.  Something fun and challenging that you might take a photo of the label so that you can remember it later.

Talking over a glass of wine with me is no insignificant thing. And, don't even get me started on if there might be a second glass... or the paired morsels... that's a blog post all on its own...


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