Thursday, November 1, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018 - Day 1

National Blog Posting Month 2018

How long has it been since I've written...?
Looking back, it's been since the end of July 2016.
Yet, people still look at my blog;
479 during the last month.
Maybe, 478 since I came on the blog yesterday just to see,
just to look around,
just to remember when I used to write
3 different blogs...

Wow, where did all that time go..?
But, it's exactly about that:
Where is all my time going?
Why am I not taking the time to do something I really enjoy...
like writing, 
or painting, 
or just sitting and enjoying...?

Maybe this will be a month of renewal
for both my blog and myself...


Lisa said...

That's a great question. Where does our time go?
Something to be mindful of, how we "spend" it.
Happy blogging!

Lori said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have posted sporadically in the past two years, but I not much. I thought at one time of "closing" my blog -- making a last post and then just not worrying about it. But when I DO make the effort to blog every day, I really do enjoy it. So I hope this gets me back into it a bit.

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