Saturday, August 30, 2014

Winding Roads, Winding Stories

My mother is here visiting for about three weeks.  Today I decided to take her for a drive along the 30 mile road to Petrolia.  I've been down this road many times, especially since I have been doing medical support for the Tour of the Unknown Coast century bike race.  And, I first wrote about it when we initially moved here almost 4 years ago now.

Now with the new Jeep, it was time to take the road again...

And it was so worth it, if just for the views...

Looking North toward Cape Medocino
the Westernmost point in the lower 48

Mattole River meeting the Pacific Ocean at
Mattole Beach

This Jeep will go anywhere...!

We then continued along the road to Honeydew which eventually
ends up at Rockefeller Redwood State Park...

Aren't these trees amazing...?
It's one of my favorite drives.

Here's the view looking up through
the sunroof... 

All in all an amazing way to enjoy
a nice drive,
and spend some quality time
with my mom...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where Did the Time Go...?

Seriously, where does the time fly?
Of course, last month we did our tour of
six national parks and spent some time in Big Sky,
and here's the video to prove it:

Other than that, it was back to work,
and back to daily life and maintenance on our property.
I will write more, and I have a LOT of pictures from the
trip to sort through.
Not to mention my mother is staying with us for about 3 weeks,
and if that isn't fodder for blogging
then I don't know what is...!
Hope your summer is winding down easy....

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