Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wrapping Up 2014

So I write after my month-long self-imposed hiatus.

November just took the life out of me.
As did working about three weeks of 6-8 straight days in the ED
then driving to pick up Momma in SoCal, 
then driving back 12 hours home to work over Christmas
then.. then.. then...

Now, December, and 2014 for that matter, is winding down, and I am posting.

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, and with working so much this year
I really didn't feel like I got to enjoy it.
Usually, I have all my decorations out the weekend after Thanksgiving,
get the lights put up by the first, and the entire house decorated.

This year, I had one day around December 13th to go out and pick a tree with my hubby
so that he could cut it down, drag it into the house, and then
half-ass decorate it so that I could have that done before going to work the next day.

Even my reindeer just got lined up on the mantle with no small trees and candles
around them like I usually do.
No trimmings on the front gate and fencing.
Not even lights on the house...

Then today I took it all down.
Day after tomorrow I drive back to Sacramento for another 
9 shifts in 10 days.  So I have to have everything ready in the house
before I leave.

I got to enjoy Christmas for all of about 16 days.

I wonder if I will be able to arrange my work schedule next year so that I can
take most of December off..

We'll have to see what the new year brings
as the door closes on this one....

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas
and a blessed and joyous New Year...!!

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