Tuesday, November 6, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2018 - Day 6

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Today's prompt in the NaBloPoMo Revival group on Facebook asked us to describe our perfect day.  I've written about this before, both times referencing the Native America saying of "Hoka Hey" - "it's a good day to die."  And, when I think about my perfect day, it would be a day where at the end I could stand watching as the waining sun sunk into the horizon and think, "Hoka hey - today is a good day to die."

It would probably involve friends and family; spending time doing something that brought us together.  

It would probably involve nature; most likely a national park (for those that don't know, I am a National Park Geek) or the ocean and being there for hours in the splendor of it all.

It may or may not involve food... good food... like "oh, my God, I could eat this forever" kind of food.

More than likely it would involve travel.  I've been to a LOT of places around the world, still there are only three places that have literally brought a tear to my eye when I first saw them: Crater Lake National Park, Watertown-Glacier National Park, and Denali National Park - the second time I went.  I have to admit that cruising through Milford Sound in New Zealand was pretty amazing, but it didn't pass the tear test.

I'm sure that the day would include some kind of physical activity - whether it be completing another 100 mile bicycle tour, sailing on the ocean, flying a glider plane, traveling to two National Parks in Alaska on a float plane, or just riding again as the flight surgeon on a medical helicopter transport flight.

Who knows... maybe one day I'll be traveling back to Alaska to finish up the last 2 National Parks I have to visit (I'm 42/60 so far on the others)  and I'll be in a small "puddle jumper" to get there.  I'll arrive to an amazing salmon dinner at a lodge overlooking an area where I can watch bear playing in the river or along the coast.  I'll call my Hubby from the scene and Skype as I tell him about the day I've just had.  And I'll watch the sun set for the last time... Hoka Hey... 

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Steph said...

Watching the sunset helps me to appreciate my day. Thanks for sharing about Hoka Hey. Cheers to you! #NaBloPoMo18

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