Monday, April 1, 2013

#596 - A is for Appetizer

And welcome to my Blog...

As an introduction to this month, I thought I would share a "sampling" of what I blog about
to whet your APPETITE and make you want to come back for more...

First off, I am an Emergency Medicine Physician, so I write about the
medical mysteries and observations I make during my shifts.
Sometimes I share photos about the patients I see:

Next, I live on a 25 acre sort of hobby farm full of ANIMALS; 
so I write about the critters, both tame and wild, which live amoungst us.
And, I share photos:

The two most important animals on the farm are
Dixie and Dillon...
So important they have their own blogs which 
they would LOVE for you to visit too...!
Their pics get placed there, and sometimes here:

Dillon and Dixie

Hungry for more..?
I love to cook, and so I often put pictures of what I make...
Like this:
Pollo con Mole en Sopa
Finally, my husband and I like to travel,
whether just around the state,
around the country,
or somewhere new in the world,
and I post our ADVENTURES here...
as well as pics, and sometimes videos:

I hope you'll continue to visit as the month goes along
and maybe even stay for a while longer...!


Lori said...

Great post!

Jean Davis said...

Cute dogs! Great introductory post. :)

Unknown said...

are dixie and dillon australian shepards? We have Zeb who was our most important member as well. He unfortunately died last year at the ripe old age of 15. Fabulous dogs!

Cal Dream Squirrel said...

Yes they are..! From a herding stock line, so not fluffy like the conformation stock but still beautiful lines, smart and so agile... Thanks for reading my post!

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