Thursday, April 25, 2013

#522 - V is for Veronica

any of a genus (Veronica) of annual or perennial herbs of the snapdragon family that have small pink, white, blue or purple flowers with a 4- or 5-lobed calyx, a rotate corolla, two stamens, and the fruit a compressed capsule

I don't know that I've ever shared this on my blog,
but my parents didn't name me.

According to my mother, they were really expecting that I would be a boy.
Mind you, this was in the days before finding out the sex
of a baby via ultrasound was commonplace.

So when I was born, and
disappointingly a girl,
they didn't have a name ready.

My mother stated that she was at a loss.
She asked her OB,
an old Jewish doctor,
what did he think.

He said, "She looks like a Veronica."
And, so I was named.
And, no middle name because 
"my name was too long to begin with."

Yeah... it was like that...

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Lori said...

Well it's a very pretty name (and a pretty flower).

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