Friday, April 26, 2013

#522 -W is for Weary Traveler

I have been away from home for two weeks. We left for SoCal(12 hours). Went from there to Willliams, AZ (7 hours). Took the train to the Grand Canyon (3 hours). Spent the night at the Grand Canyon, then returned to Wiliams. Left the next morning for Sedona (1.5 hours) then off to Laughlin, NV(5 hours).

Spent three days in Laughlin before returning back to SoCal(4.5 hours). Drove up to Oakland where my DH stayed to go hang gliding before heading home, while I drove to Sacramento(2 hours) and worked 4 shifts. I drove back to Oakland yesterday to present at a conference today, and have now been sitting at SFO waiting for my plane (which, naturally is delayed) for the last 4 hours with about another two to go.

A short hours' drive after I get to the airport will finally get me back home....

Did I mention I love to travel...?

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