Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for Univision

or Spanish soap operas.
And, I've written about how much Momma
LOVES her soaps.

Even on vacation, she's worried about her shows.
She's only following one right now, 
but still if I can, when I can, 
she wants to keep up on what's happening.
So I pull out the iPad and fire up
Hulu or our satellite network and
stream the latest episode for her.

And, then she tries to drag me into the story...

"Well that one is having an affair with this other
one's wife, but he really loves his own wife
who had an affair, but divorced him because of his affair
and even though she's still in love with him
she tells him she doesn't ever want to see him again."

And, just like that, BAM!  You're sucked in.

Actually, I stopped watching telenovelas because
they were sucking me in... I was spending too much time just trying to keep
up on the stories and missing important things... like gardening or
cleaning the house on my days off.

But, Momma can enjoy them.  It gives her something
to look forward to in the evening, and something
to talk about during the day... 
And, I don't mind listening,
because, really, they can get quite intriguing...

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Liz Brownlee said...

Aww, my mum and my nan before her loved soap operas! I used to watch them when the children were little, but now have no time, but there is one at lunch that I watch if I can - it's good you can just drop in and out of them! ~Liz

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