Saturday, April 9, 2016

H is for Home

This is the home where my mother has lived 
the last 45+ years of her life.

And this is my home where my mother lives now with me...
It was a hard decision having her come stay with us,
but after she had fallen 3 times in 2 weeks we knew it was time.

She fought us.
She didn't want to lose her independence.
She didn't know what was going to happen to her mail,
her bills, who was going to take care of....?

I had decorated her room previously with all her favorite colors.
Since she's moved in, she's changed the curtains,
the linens, we've hung her favorite painting which
she brought from her old house, and we've added
small details to her room to make it her own.

Now she loves to sit in her chair and watch the
daily ins and outs of the chickens and geese.
She marvels at the new goslings, and tells me the latest in 
which rooster is fighting which other rooster for which hens.

She's made it her home...
For how long, we're still not sure,
but she still here.


lyndagrace said...

Most of us adapt. Sometimes we have no choice. After my dad died, for the first time in her life, my mom lived alone. She used to say that she liked it. I found out later, after it was necessary that she move in with us, that she hated being alone. I wonder if it's the same with your mom.

Beth Lapin said...

These changes are hard on all generations. Good luck!

Beth Lapin
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