Thursday, July 2, 2015

Birthday Shuffle Year V - Day Two - Geronimo

Music has always been a part of what I do.
Writing, working, riding my bike...

This song by Sheppard has become a sort of "war cry" for me
during this time that I've been cycling and training.
It's got a good beat that I can do my cadence training to.
And, the lyrics...

As a kid, did you ever see the cartoons where when someone
was about to do something scary, they would yell out
"Geronimo!" right before they did it?

That's how I felt about cycling.
Unfamiliar, challenging, kinda scary.
But, I pulled up my biking shorts,
plugged in my iPod, 
and rode...
Thinking "Geronimo!" whenever 
I faced my next challenge...

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