Sunday, July 26, 2015

Birthday Shuffle Year V - Day 26 - Cool Change

I really miss summer sailing races...
I have always loved to sail, and while I was in residency,
one of my attendings asked if I would be willing to crew
on his boat.
I, of course, said "YES!"

I crewed for two summers, every Wednesday evening
on a J24, doing everything from grinding the main sail during turns
to being in the "pit" and hoisting and retrieving the spinnaker during
the downwind leg.

I created a video of some of the over 300 pictures I took during
those two summers.  And, I took the music that this boat pictured
up above was playing one day when there was no wind,
and they were just motoring around the fleet...
I had boat lust from the first time I saw her...
She's a beauty...!

Anyway, the song in today's shuffle has been a favorite of mine
from the time I was a child.  Released in 1979, I always imagined
myself sailing on a boat, just being pushed by wind,
the feel of the ocean gliding beneath,
and the excitement of uncharted and exotic destinations...

Have I mentioned how much I love sailing...?


I also used this song when I made a video of our first cruise ever.
The song is the first of three as the video is kinda long...
but then, it was a week long cruise and I took over 1500 pics...

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