Monday, July 7, 2014

MyPod Birthday Shuffle IV - Day 7 - You Needed Me

"You gave me strength to stand alone again
To face the world out on my own again
You put me high upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me, you needed me"

What song could be more about unconditional love than this one?
I always think about my mom when I hear this song.
To say we had a tumultuous relationship during my
teen years would be an understatement.
I really hated her at times.

The somewhere around my second year of college
things started to change.  I was facing some real
struggles in my life for the first time and 
suddenly it seemed I had someone to talk to who
really supported me and everything I did.

I think that was the start of turning our relationship around
to the point that now I can't imagine my life without
my mother around to talk to, to get advise from,
to boost me up when I am down,
and to just be there...

I have the original Anne Murray version on my iPod, but I like this
version as well... enjoy!

And give your Momma a call or a hug or a prayer today...

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