Sunday, July 20, 2014

MyPod Birthday Shuffle IV - Day 20 - Blue Monday

I love this song for many reasons, one of which it reminds me of drunken nights with my best friend from college dancing in Rosarito to this one of several New Order songs that were popular at that time.  We rocked out to this song and danced our way around the dance floor letting the beverages fill our souls and the music pour through our veins.

I cheated a little bit today, by pulling out Blue Monday because even though it isn't Monday, we're traveling through Oregon and stopped at Crater Lake National Park.

This photo doesn't even begin to do justice to how blue this water is.  It was so blue and so beautiful that tears came to my eyes at how amazingly beautiful this lake is.  I couldn't even begin to believe that I had been blessed with the ability to be standing in this environment and be able to see such a miracle of creation.  Seriously, it's that pretty.

Cheers from the road!

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