Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MyPod Birthday Shuffle IV - Day 15 - (You Want to) Make A Memory

From time to time, I think everyone hears a song on the radio 
which makes you stop and think about "what might have been."

This song does that for me.
Two friends getting together for whatever reason.
Obviously comfortable with each other.
Some would say being with an ex after a long time.
I've never had an ex.  Funny, huh...?
I had a lot of relationships, but no exes.
Seems I just moved on from one relationship
to the next.

Sure I had a first love, and those unrequited loves
I've written about before.
But, no exes.  
No stalker who calls friends to see where I am.
No worrying about where I went out to because I 
"didn't want to run into him and his new girlfriend."
No awkward meeting with his family members.

Although  I am happily married,
I do think about some of the people I dated
or almost dated
or wish I would have dated.... 
And this song reminds me of them,
and what might have been....

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