Monday, July 8, 2019

Birthday Month Shuffle - 7th Edition, Day 8

Whenever I hear this song, I can close my eyes and I am immediately transported
back to that first summer after I started college.
Coming back home for those 2 months.
Working my first real job which sucked, but luckily was just for the summer.
Going out with my friends and not really having a curfew as such,
but more of a "courtesy" come home time.
And hanging out for the first time with that friend 
who was your first love 
and where feelings might still be involved
but you're hanging out as just friends
along with other friends
but sometimes it's just the two of you
and it's complicated.

Movies, and ice cream, and beaches,
and driving around on Harbor and Beach Boulevards
in an orange VW that once stalled and we had to jump out to push start,
or another time we accidentally popped it out of gear while parked and
he had to jump into the car and hit the brake before it crashed into another car.

Young and stupid and carefree.
Where nothing was more complicated than
which 21 year old friend was going to get us some beer,
or wondering if the parents would miss one if we snagged it
and drank it on the beach or
wherever the hang out might be that night.

Years later, I still remember that crazy summer...
I wonder if FL does too...

1 comment:

betty said...

They just might remember. Not at the same time you remember, but at another time when something sparks their memory. I think we all have memories of a summer or a time where we were not 21 but managed to somehow get the occasional alcoholic drink to consume and felt really "proud" of ourselves for having done so.


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