Friday, July 5, 2019

Birthday Month Shuffle - 7th Edition Day 5

I've been thinking a lot about my relationship with God recently.  My mother was very religious.  She followed church doctrine down to the letter.  Me, not so much.

I believe in God.  I believe in a Heaven and a Hell.  I believe and worship the Virgin Mary and the saints.  I pray daily and try to make good choices in my daily life.  I used to go to church with my Momma, but since she died I've only been once... at her funeral.

Today the shuffle brought up U2's "Vertigo;" a song thought to be about temptation and telling God how They are the beacon out of temptation.  Freedom from sin and redemption and salvation.

I wish I had my mother's faith.  I wish I had her devotion.  She encourage me to always put God first.  And, I think in some ways I still do.  It's been difficult since she's died to see the plan that God has for me, but I know I have to.  A few other incidents professionally have made me question His plan, but I know there's a reason for everything.  I just have to be patient... and that's the hardest part.

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betty said...

I so wish I could have met your mom. She was a "hell of a woman" and I'm saying it totally out of respect and admiration. God's plan is so complicated at times to try to figure out on our own and to try to make sense of it. Had a discussion about this with hubby tonight over dinner. God sees the big picture, we just see a part of it. I don't think we'll truly understand it all this side of eternity. I think when the time is right again, you'll go back to church. I think God knows that too.


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