Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 26 - Warning Labels

Most people know that they shouldn't drink and drive...
but they do.
Most people should know that they shouldn't use 
certain prescribed medications and drive...
but they do.

And we see the aftermath all the time in the
Emergency Department.

Or, I should say, all that remains from the aftermath;
because those that die immediately in that
head on collision,
auto versus pedestrian,
or other accident
never make it to the ED.

We hear about them later in the news,
from family that come to the ED looking for their loved ones,
from the police officer, sheriff's officer, CHP officer, paramedic
or worse when they survive the accident, 
but then are pronounced in the ED because they are
too broken to be fixed.

But the DUI offender...?
They're rarely injured seriously.

There's a saying that there's a god that protects
drunks and small children, 
and never is that more truly realized than in the ED.

Sorry your ankle hurts "really bad,"
but that combination of methamphetamines and norcos
which caused you to cross the center line
should hold you over while you're being processed in jail
for the deaths of those grandparents who were just
traveling to see family.

I know your head hurts.
Bummer that the alcohol you used to wash down
the benzos you have for anxiety can't help that.
I'm sure the family of the child I'm flying out to a trauma center
understand that you needed to "just run out for some cigarettes."
I'm sure they're thinking of several ways to help you
stop smoking... permanently.

The nurses and I realize you think you need your
next dose of pain medications early for your broken wrist
by the endless pushing of the call button with your
good wrist which is, by the way, handcuffed to the bed,
but we're a little busy over here trying
to keep the teen you hit on their bicycle alive
because they've now got more tubes in them than a
1950's television, and the bleeding isn't stopping.
Would you like to make a donation?
Oh, no, sorry, the blood alcohol level is a little
too high, and the cocaine surge probably would be a bad thing.

Yes, back/tooth/arm/leg/stomach/neck pain can be very bad.
Here's your prescriptions for ibuprofen and norco.
Make sure you read the warning label, don't use alcohol
and don't drive or use heavy machinery...
any questions?

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

It's quite scary to think about the drugged up person behind the wheel, when driving on the motorway or roads. It's not a comfortable feeling.

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