Monday, April 28, 2014

#1579 - On eXercise...

I was looking back through some prior posts, and I came across this photo...
St Lucia 03/2013
which is actually connected to the link that I will share
tomorrow from last year's challenge.

Fast forward to January of this year where I was actually
heavier than I am in this picture, and suffering

I made a promise to myself to never be that heavy again,
and I bought my Fitbit which I have

My lifesaver...!
And, I talked earlier as well about counting calories
and how much fun that has been... not!

But, now I am finally starting to see some results.
You see, working in "pajamas" on a daily basis
makes it real easy to gain weight and not even realize it.
You just let out the drawstring on your scrubs from
time to time, and you don't think about it
until suddenly your pants are tight across the seat
and you worry about ripping them when you bend over.

Plus, you have that set of "fat clothes" that fit comfortably
no matter what.
No problem, right?

Over the course of the last couple of months
since I've been counting calories and making a concerted effort
to get more exercise, I'm noticing that suddenly
I am sleeping better
I don't get heartburn
I can just about keep up with my dogs

Dixie encouraging me up the hill...
I am enjoying doing more with my husband
(I used to balk at the idea of going for a walk on the beach)
and now I actually want to eXercise...
on a treadmill some days

The view from my treadmill
Rainy, like most days, so easier just to eXercise inside
I had to buy new scrubs...

Smaller, actually tapered womenly scrubs
that aren't just a square with arms...

And, while on vacation, I was able to fit into some of my
"thinner" clothes.  White pants and a breezy top I ridiculously bought on sale
and never thought I would actually fit into.

But now I do...

And, I hope it will be looser soon...!

2013 A to Z Challenge Post:


betty said...

Good for you Veronica! I can see the difference!! And just a little fine tuning here and there with calories keeping track of them and exercise, WTG! You'll get to your goal!

I love the view from your treadmill!


Jeanie said...

Wow! What a change in you! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Claudia said...

You look great...

Liz Brownlee said...

Fabulous, you look great!

I lost two stone some years ago and have kept it off, I feel so much better for it. Having a dog is a great help!

Congratulations, too on completing the challenge.


tedandshel said...

:-) that's awesome!

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