Sunday, February 2, 2014

One Month Down...

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along?
We recently traveled up to Yosemite for a conference,
and while I was there I made several life decisions for myself.

One was to get into better shape...
which I discovered I was sorely lacking after 
trying to make this hike while in Yosemite.

While I did get to see some beautiful vistas,
I know I could have had a much better experience if
I lost some of the extra weight I put on this year
and really got into a better exercise plan.

Then, while sitting and catching my breath
while taking in the amazing scenery, I realized I really
missed writing poetry and doing more creative work
in photography and painting.

I did start going to some art classes put on by a
local artist, and have been having fun paining again.
So one of my other goals is to get my "craft room" finished
and set up, so I can get back to this relaxing part of my life...

Not bad for a first time... n'est pas?
Well, it's a start anyway....

Cheers to following that unknown trail
and seeing what the rest of the year will bring...!
Hopefully, next time without all the
huffing and puffing...

1 comment:

Jeanie said...

Veronica! You are a natural artist. How lovely to see your work.
I have loads of art equipment but for the life of me I never seem to be able to face the empty paper.
I really must push myself to have another try at painting again.
Like you, the diet is struggling, just as my walking is going up hills. Not a good place to
My next door neighbour, a doctor too, does fell running and is as lithe and as fit as a deer fleeing from a predator as she sets off for her daily runs. Oh the guilt I feel when I see her taking off! Yet my armchair is so snuggly! lol
One day.
Good luck with your artwork and diet. I will think about it eventually. Ahem!

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