Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#1800 - On Bridges

I don't know why I love bridges, but I do.
Whenever we travel, I am always taking pictures of the bridges we pass...

Wooden single lane bridge near Honeydew, CA

Bridge across Mattole River

I like the elliptical shapes of this one

Heading from Washington State to Oregon
across the Columbia River

Western NY bridge

San Rafael Bridge

Dogs with Oakland Bay Bridge in background

Token Golden Gate Bridge photo
(we pass through here often)

But my favorite bridge is the one I travel across almost daily:

It's over 100 years old, and it is still the longest
poured concrete bridge in the world.

I've taken dozens of photos from every angle

But I especially like crossing it

Leaving to work in the morning

And heading home in the evening

Or leaving for work in the evening

And coming home in the morning

But I especially love that moment
when after a long journey
you turn the car onto the bridge
and know that you are almost home...

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Jeanie said...

That was an interesting entry Veronica. I can imagine the feeling of the journey back over your home bridge.

Barefoot Mahala said...

Love the picture of sunrise and sunset. There's something about seeing the ironwork of a bridge in that light that is wonderful.

Visiting from AtoZChallenge

Ermie said...

I love bridges. It's not just the architecture or the scenery, but that feeling of connecting or moving between two places. Great post and lovely photographs! :-)

Linda :) said...

Wonderful photos!! :)

betty said...

Those are great bridges Veronica! I'm okay on bridges as long as there is a lot of steel around me, LOL, not crazy looking over the sides of them :)


Aditi said...

Awesome collection of pics! Love the variety of bridges shown!

Anonymous said...

Fun subject for 'B'!

Finley Jayne

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a wHooligan, a member of the A to Z support team. Love your website! Enjoy the challenge!

Kate Larkindale said...

I love bridges too. They're such miracles of engineering. And often very beautiful too.

Unknown said...

I love traveling and bridges has always been part of the journey I looked forward to. The photos are great.

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