Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#1614 - On Navigation

I remember as a child, whenever we'd travel my uncle would hand me the map (remember maps? on paper?) and ask me to plan the route.  I remember that I would alway look for the routes that had in parenthesis (scenic route) next to them.

My uncle never complained.  He willingly took whatever route I laid out, and I have to say, we always saw something amazing along the way.  As I got older, I realized that I have what I call my "cartographic" memory.

I can go somewhere once and pretty much remember how to get there.  Even places in Europe and Mexico that I've been to, I can describe how to get there.  And, I can also generally find them on Google maps street view once I get my starting place right.  They say that women are better at finding places by landmarks rather than by directions, and it drives my husband crazy when I tell him to "turn at the market, then drive until you see the yellow house where you make a right and there's an apple tree in the front yard."  But that's how I remember places.

And, now, whenever we go on road trips, I play navigator.  Although, having a GPS is turning out to be quite the adventure in and of itself...

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Su-sieee! Mac said...

I didn't know that we, women, are better at navigating by landmarks. I wonder why. Once, I found someone's house through intuition. We didn't have the address and we'd only been there once. :-)
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betty said...

My husband is like you, Veronica; he can go some place once and find it again years later. I'm hopelessly always lost, LOL. I was never so glad when GPS came along; I was the map reader, terrible at it, but trying to guide hubby on the road :)

I love how your uncle had the sense of adventure to let you lead where you guys would go!


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