Friday, April 18, 2014

#1609 - On Peter

On vacation so this will be short.  Given that it's Good Friday, I thought I would share an idea that's been lingering in my head for some time now.  I've always wanted to write a musical and collaborate with a friend of mine who's a talented musician.  Many topics have crossed my mind, but the one that's been mulling around the longest is to do one on the story of Peter the apostle.

He was an older man when he was chosen.  He was close to Jesus and chosen as the first leader of the church.  He died as Christ died on a cross, but upside down.  I'm still working the direction I want to take, but I actually have the lyrics to a couple of songs almost complete.

He was a man with many faults, and he denied knowing Jesus three times.  Even so, he was the first pope, and is traditionally the guardian to the gates of Heaven.  And, on Easter Sunday, it's recognized that Peter enters the tomb and sees that Jesus is no longer there.  And, by some tradition, he was the first apostle to see the risen Christ.  I think it makes for a great basis for a play... N'est pas?

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betty said...

There are certain theological points we are going to disagree with about Peter, but I do think he would make a good musical. Interesting thing is I wonder how many people really know of him unless they have some background in religion. He's not a common name like Moses and Noah, know what I mean?

But I think you have something there to possibly develop.


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