Friday, April 19, 2019

Q is for Quiet

I think I've written multiple times before about how
we're superstitious in the ED and there are certain
words we don't use...
like slow...
or quiet...

Tonight is definitely not quiet...
It's a full moon Friday night and the crazies are out in force.
So I better get back to them...
someone must have said "quiet..."
I'm sure they did.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

P is for Patience

This is my white peacock Prince.
He'll turn two years old this year.
 I got him as a 1 week old chick
along with three other peachicks.
He was the only one who made it.

I kept hoping for a white male.
It was a dream bird for me.
So when he made it to a year old and started showing
signs of being a male, I was so happy.

That first year he didn't have much of a display.
This year, though, he's got a lot of Y-feathers.
Next year, he'll finally have his first rows of eye feathers;
you know the ones... the ones peacocks are famous for.

Three years waiting for his display to finally be complete.
Three years of keeping him well fed and safe from predators.
Three years of hoping he doesn't get ill or decide to wander away.
I'll let you know if we make it to next year...

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

O is for Ocean

"They say the Pacific has no memory..."
That's a quote out of one of my favorite movies:
"The Shawshank Redemption."

I, on the other hand, have a lot of memories about the Pacific Ocean.
I grew up in SoCal, and some of my first memories are about
playing on the warm sands of Huntington Beach.
My uncle took me fishing off the coasts of Dana Point and Newport.

In high school, all the cool kids laid out on the beach between the Newport
and Balboa piers.
Then I went to college...
in San Diego...
and spent a whole LOT of time on the beach.

I learned to sail in the Pacific.
I did a grunion run.
I kissed a lot a few boys on those warm beaches.
I've flown kites, ridden bikes, and played volleyball.
I've seen a lot of sunsets, and a number of sunrises, over the Pacific.

I've seen the Pacific from the locks of the Panama Canal
as I sailed underneath the Bridge of the Americas,
and have sailed the coastline all the way north to the shores of Homer, Alaska.

Last year, we did the ultimate:
a 40 day cruise from Australia to San Diego.
There were so many sea days,
and we saw the Pacific in all of its moods - 
stormy, calm, sunny, gray, bright blue and deep black.

I have wondered in the whales who breached alongside my boat,
watched dolphins swim along in my wake.
I have swum with rays and sharks,
followed a turtle along the shore,
fed garibaldi and angel fish.
I have collected shells of all types.

It may not have a memory of me,
but I certainly have a lot of memories of it and all its wonders.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

N is for National Parks


I can't talk enough to anyone about how much I love the National Parks.
I've been to 43 of the now 61 National Parks.
From California to Maine,
from Alaska to Hawaii,
from the rocky badlands of Theodore Roosevelt NP
to the beautiful waters of Dry Tortugas NP,
I've been to 43.

If 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything,
I've gone up one to the next level.

I'm trying to figure out how to get up to 50.
Then up to 60.
Then that final 61.
However, this may be a bucket list goal that will
keep on changing over the next several years.
It was 59 when I started,
then they added Gateway Arch NP
and now I just read about Indiana Dunes NP
just designated by an Act of Congress
on February 15th of 2019.

I better get to planning another road trip soon...!

Monday, April 15, 2019

M is for Movies

I've written many times about how much I love movies.  As a kid, they were an escape; a view into a life so different from my own.  As I grew older, they were inspiration; a way of seeing how I could and would later change my life.  As a young adult, they were a way to make time pass.  If I knew I had to be ready in 90 minutes, I would put on a 90 minute movie.  The time would pass, and I would know when it was time to be doing whatever came next.  During med school and residency training, they went back to being an escape.

Now they are a little bit of everything: they help pass the time, they help to inspire, and they are a means of escape.  Here are a few screenshots of my favorites.... can you name them all?  What are your favorites?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Friday, April 12, 2019

K is for Kite Boarding

So my hubby likes to kite board.  It’s where you get on a flat board and get pulled along by a large kite across the water... or snow... or sand... depends on the weather and your terrain.  He’s a bit of a daredevil... or was.

One thing about getting older is those things you loved to do to be challenged somehow seem scarier, and it’s more of a challenge to even think about attempting them again.  Like hang gliding... yeah, my hubby used to do that too.  But after a somewhat serious crash, he hasn’t quite gotten up the nerve to try again.

Oh sure, he pulls his hang glider out, wipes it down, checks all the lines, makes sure all the mechanical parts are working well, and then he puts it back up again. No plans for a trip. No, hey let’s join the group over in Lassen, or Woodrat, or along the coast.  Sure we stopped at Point of the Mountain in Utah last summer to watch the hang gliders and paragliders, but he didn’t think about bringing his hang glider, nor has he talked about making another trip out there.

I’m like that too.  I have a snowboard I haven’t really used since before I left residency in Buffalo... almost 9 years ago.  Sure it’s in the attic... along with my boots, helmet, day bag, etc.  I think about going sometimes.  I think about the challenge of the mountain and how fun it would be to be standing on top of Heavenly again looking down at the lake... and then I think about my knees, and my feet, and how I’d probably be out of breathe getting off the chair lift...

Getting older sucks...