Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From Old to New...!

Well, I finally made a decision and.. 
We got a new car...!

I don't know that I had even considered the Jeep Cherokee
before a friend recommended I test drive it...
and I loved it...!

After several weeks of waiting, it finally arrived.
To say that technology has changed in the 10 years since
I've had a new car would be an understatement.
You could launch the space shuttle
from the console...

And then there's this...

Yup, there's an App for that...!

Of course, we immediately hit the road for a long road trip.
My mother had come down to visit for the holidays,
and we drove the 12 hours back to Southern California
to take her and Peppy back home...

Then, we headed off for the first trip of the year...

Can you guess where we went...?
I'll write more in another post about our time
in Yosemite...
But, for now, let's just celebrate in the splendor
of this marvelous National Park...!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

It's been quite the year with lots of changes to the house
both inside and out...
but mostly out...

More changes to come over the next year...

I hope you and your family
have a most Blessed and Wonderful 
New Year!!