Saturday, April 26, 2014

#1595 - On Workplace Humor

I get comments every once in a while about patients wondering
why the ED staff is laughing while at work.
Shouldn't you be busy saving lives..?

When you get patients like this:

You sometimes have to laugh.
Of course, I can't post some of the more
life-threatening emergencies we see,
but after a particularly bad code, you
sometimes have to let off some steam.

So, I thought I would again share some of my
favorite medical cartoons...

And the reason we continue to do what we do
is no laughing matter:

2013 A to Z Challenge Post:


Wendy said...

I would guess there's no end to the crazy stuff you see. My nephew is a fireman and EMT. They get crazy calls all the time -- usually old people asking if they can pick up a prescription or give them a ride somewhere.
Visiting from A to Z
Wendy at Jollett Etc.

Claudia said...

The first one was funny until I realized they wasted the EMT services, hoarded an ambulance, and wasted thousands of dollars for the insurance company.

Anonymous said...

So like how are you able ( like the 1st picture) are you able to post that? Cant you get in big trouble and loose your licence cause of HIPPA and all that jazzz?


Connie said...

I want to say , 'God Bless You', too.
My mom was a nurse and back then they didn't sass,flirt with or otherwise disrespect the Doctor.
A doctor has a very emotional, tiring and mostly thankless job. I hold doctors in high esteem!!

Cal Dream Squirrel said...

Christopher, I have no identifiers on the information, it is at least 2 years old. There's no age or other information that would give away who the patient was. Plus, the doctor stopped working at our hospital over 2 years ago as well.

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