Friday, April 4, 2014

#1789 - On Dillon

I don't have children... I have dogs.  And, I always scoffed at the thought that you could love one child more than the other.  Seriously, they're your kids.  You love them equally, right?

 But, I have to admit... I love Dixie a LOT little more than I do Dillon.  I don't know why, and I couldn't even tell you how it happened.

Maybe it's that first born thing.  We had Dixie first.  I took tons of photos of her.  Trained her.  Took her everywhere.  Her blog came first, and she had frequent posts (46 total).  She's also got a number of videos on youtube.

Then Dillon came along about 8 months later.  He got some photos taken, but most of them are with Dixie.  And, he got a blog too, but not quite so many posts (14).  And, it's almost like we let Dixie raise him.  He follows her lead on just about everything.

So then we had to go back and retrain him.  And it was a little frustrating.  Maybe because to Dixie everything came naturally.  She potty trained easier.  She could sit up and beg sooner.  She can do anything.  She's magical.  (Wait, sorry, this post is supposed to be about Dillon.  So let's start over.)

Dillon is a wonderful dog.  

When I picked him out as a puppy, he had the low energy feel
and willingness to please that I was looking for.

There were two puppies I had been interested in based on the breeder's
initial photos: Dillon and his brother.  Both gorgeous-looking puppies.
His brother was actually my first choice, but when I picked him up by the scruff,
 he held his legs straight out and seemed unsure.
Dillon, on the other hand, relaxed right down as if to say,
"where are we going, I don't care, I'll go anywhere."

So Marshall Dillon it was.  And, he's been a joy.

He's still the laid back dog I initially chose.
Pleased and content to just lay at your feet,
or nearby wherever you are.

Eager to please, and charming to boot.

And, his eyes are just that soulful brown
that melts your heart.

He has turned into quite that handsome beastie
that everyone gushes over whenever we are out.
(Even more than Dixie, but don't tell her that.)

Yup, that's my boy...!
And, don't worry, Dillon, one day you'll get the hang of
SIT UP and BEG... 

Dillon (and Dixie) now share one blog,

2103 A to Z Challenge Post:


Unknown said...

So cute! Nice to connect and follow on

betty said...

I think its like having human kids, even though parents say they don't have favorites, they really do; they treat them all the same, but I still think there are favorites. Both are adorable though!


Unknown said...

They are both precious, each giving it's own kind of love to you.

Aditi said...

I love both of them!! And must say Dilion is very handsome!

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