Friday, April 3, 2015

#295 - C is for Cartagena

I can now say I've been to South America...
We went on a cruise through the Panama Canal,
and our first Port of Call was Cartagena, Columbia.

The only thing I knew about Cartagena is that it's where
Kathleen Turner's character Joan Wilder goes looking to save her sister
in the movie "Romancing the Stone."

What we found was an incredible mix of old and new world
art and architecture.

One of the more interesting places for me was
Inquisition Hall where the Spanish
used to torture presumed witches and other prisoners.

Nothing remains of the original building, but parts have
been rebuilt with intermixed new art throughout
the exhibit.  And the stories are incredible.

It definitely has quite a history, 
and it was a great experience.
Now I can add another country to the count....


Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful. i love to travel too. thank you for sharing!

betty said...

That is funny, the first thing I thought of when I saw Cartagena was the same thing from that movie :) Interesting place to visit!


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