Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#277 - L is for St. Lucia

We took a Southern Caribbean cruise in 2013,
and my favorite island was St. Lucia.
We landed at the port in Castries City and jumped
on a small boat for a tour of the island.

There are small fishing villages all along the shores,
and they sell their wares on the streets in town.
We were able to enjoy the local catch of the day...

We went around the western side to Soufriere Bay
and landed in Soufriere.

Along the way, we saw the famous Pitons.

The color and clarity of the water was amazing..!

And, I took lots of pictures of boats.

We traveled to the "drive thru volcano" and 
did a short waterfall/jungle hike.

This is my favorite photo in St. Lucia so I am showing it again.

Cheers, to our next trip to St. Lucia!!
Pass the bottle..!

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