Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3 - Where's Ty Pennington When You Need Him?

We bought our home in April of 2011
and soon after developed the "Five Year Plan."
The house was built in 1980,
and had not been updated since.

We knew we were going to have to put a lot of work
into it, and we have slowly been progressing.

The next phase of work has started,
and I am about ready to hand someone a bunch
of money and say, "Just make it livable."

This is the future mother-in-law bathroom...

Put in a new shower, sink, light fixtures and paint...
Sounds simple right?

These are the tiles I picked 
after THREE HOURS in the tile store...

Aren't they lovely..?
Yeah, three hours of my time sorting through
hundreds of cards and trying multiple combinations.
And we haven't even gotten to the point of paint swatches
or deciding what kind of trim I'm going to want...

I almost had a coronary today when the contractor
asked me about lighting fixtures:
How many light switches do I want?
Where do I want the electric outlets?
Recessed or standard lights?
Would you like sconces with that..??


Don't even ask me what I'm going to do with this fireplace...


Unknown said...

Lots of work ahead but you'll be so happy when it's all done. I'm glad you posted these photos. I love seeing the start and finish of something.
Have an awesome day. Stay warm, toast, happy.

Lori said...

Better you than me. I hate remodeling!

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