Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14 - Meditative Mantra

"Create in me
A clean heart, oh God.
Let me be like You
In all my ways.
Give me Your strength.
Teach me Your song.
Shelter me in the shadow of Your wings.
For we are Your righteousness.
If we die to ourselves
And live through Your death
Then we shall be born
Again to be blessed in Your light."

Whenever I am facing a challenge, I like to hum this to myself over and over
As I breathe deeply and try to find some calming energy.

How do you relax yourself before a strenuous event?


Lori said...

If it is appropriate to the event, I like to make lists. Or even just to have in writing what my purpose/goal is, how I feel about the event or situation, and what steps I need to take to accomplish that goal. I always feel calmer once I have a plan or a manifesto in writing.

Jeanie said...

Like Lori I too like to make lists and plan how I want things to work out. I feel ready to go then.
I love your prayer though... I might just pinch it for those rough times that can sometimes pay a visit when least expected. Failing that.. I always recite a Hail Mary at stressful times.

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