Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Shuffle a Deux #11

The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night

It's funny the memories a song can bring back, and to me this song was one of the quintessential songs of high school dances.  I think that every high school band I ever heard at a dance played this song.  It was loud and raucous and all you really had to do was basically jump around to dance to it.  Not that I did much dancing at high school dances.

High school dances for me were a time to hang out with friends and be "out" for the evening.  We piled into a parent's car, got a fresh layer of make-up in the bathroom, inhaled the scent of cloves which the "older girls" smoked, and then hung out like wall flowers watching everyone else until it was the assigned time to be picked up.  I watched other people dance which is probably why I couldn't dance when I got to college.  That took a summer of going to 18 and Over clubs with my friend PAB to be able to accomplish.

Now I could dance to this song.  Now I sometimes do dance to this song... at home... in the kitchen... while I'm cooking.  Hey, don't laugh, you just gotta move your feet when the music moves you... 

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