Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birthday Shuffle a Deux #4

I grew up with Elvis. He's my mom's favorite singer. I like certain Elvis songs, and this is one of only 5 that I have on my iPod. Not my favorite of them, but still a good one. Last year, "Hound Dog" was on Day 14. And, I mentioned at that time how I was glad "Lilo and Stitch" was able to bring Elvis to a new generation. His songs are fun, and I still always find myself singing along to them.

Speaking of Stitch, hubby and I are eagerly awaiting the birth of Dixie's siblings some time this month. Dixie is a red merle Australian Shepherd, and for variety, we are hoping for a blue merle male to add to our family... I want to call him Stitch. Still trying to convince the hubby... Or maybe Sylvester...?

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betty said...

Oh wow! Another puppy joining the family? The more the merrier and "Stitch" will be a great friend and companion for Dixie. Honestly, if you are going to have two dogs (and you guys certainly have the room for two, or more) getting them when they are young like this is the best thing, right? Like having two babies close together. I say GO FOR IT, you have my vote of approval! We did think at one point to get another "brother" or "sister" for Koda but then we kept it didn't seem like it was the wisest thing to do.


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