Monday, July 16, 2012

Birthday Shuffle a Deux #16

I Hate Everyone - Get Set Go

I love Grey's Anatomy.  Or, I should say, I used to love Grey's Anatomy.  Mostly it was the medicine and remembering how it was to be a surgery resident.  A lot of competition, a lot of late nights and hard work, and a lot of camaraderie.  The drama and romances... well, at least not in my residency program.

This song is sometimes the theme music for my day.  I work in an Emergency Department, and there are days when I do hate everyone.  The physician's desk is near the triage window, so I get a "preview of coming attractions" throughout the day.  Sometimes, the presenting complaints just make me cringe and wish I'd gone into something else... back to surgery perhaps...?

Patients that drive me the most crazy:
 - multiple medical problem patients that don't stop smoking, don't stop drinking, forget to fill their medications on time and come in because they're on the verge of collapse.  They get admitted, all of their medical problems readjusted, sent out with scripts and follow-ups and then come back several weeks later to do it all over again.
 - dental pain.  Your teeth are bad, you continue to smoke, you'd rather spend money on meth than a toothbrush and a dentist.  And, they always seem to come in on Friday or Saturday nights or at six in the morning... funny about that...
 - as seen on WebMD.  Stop looking up differentials on your smart phone and arguing with me about diagnosis and treatment.
 - repeat customers.  I know you're a drunk, everyone in town knows you're a drunk.  Sit in the middle of your room away from stairs, porches, your cat, chairs, ladders, and car doors and maybe you won't fall down three nights in a row needing to call 911 and getting so much radiation you glow.  If the liver cirrhosis doesn't get you, cancer from all of the scans and films we've had to do just might.
 - rashes... I just don't like them...

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Tina of Moon Shine said...

just found your blog. i think I am going to like it. : )

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