Friday, November 13, 2015

November Notes, Day 13

My best friend from forever is visiting this weekend.
One of the earliest memories I have of her, 
aside from how we met,
is of her falling down the slide in grade school.

Someone had dared us to go down the slide backward.
I took the challenge and made it down.
N. didn't quite make it.
I think she panicked halfway down and then tried to turn around.
It did not end well.
Scraped face and knee for that year's class photo.

Almost 40 years later we're still friends...
It's great to have people in your life
who are there to be your memory.
We can still find things one or the other 
has forgotten/remembered.
I'm sure we'll be sharing and making many more this weekend...

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Lori said...

How nice to have an old and dear friend visiting. I recently reconnected with my best friend all through school. We were inseparable from first grade until we graduated and she married. It was surprising how easily we both slid back into our former selves. I realized in conversations with her that my kids probably wouldn't recognize me if they were eavesdropping on our conversations or watching us together.

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