Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MyPod Birthday Month #9 - I Drove All Night

Spring/Summer 1996 I was a pre-med, post-baccalaureate student trying to get into medical school. I was working 3 jobs and carrying a full science course load. There was very little time for socializing. I did have one good male friend in my classes. He was a non-traditional student as well. We did manage to sneak in some homemade dinners after studying, and did go out once or twice for drinks. We were never more than friends making our way through some challenging times. Although this song originally came out in 1989, it wasn't until that year that I heard it... and it made me wonder about the possibilities for something more. That never came to pass, but I can never hear this song without thinking on those lean times, and my friend, and the possibilities for romance in the midst of struggling to reach a goal.

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