Saturday, July 27, 2013

MyPod Birthday Month #27 - Jessie

"Jessie paint your pictures about how it's going to be,
by now I should know better your dreams are never free..."
- Joshua Kadison

I always loved this song about a person
who comes in and out of your life
at the most inopportune of times...

However, when this song came up in the shuffle,
the first thing I thought about
was a friend named Jessie I had growing up...

I blogged recently about how I had found my journals
and was reading through them on my birthday weekend.

Some time after graduating from 8th grade
and starting to volunteer at our city library
I met Jessie.

She was cool.
She was about a year or two older.
She had a computer we used to play
"Lemonade Stand" on...

She had a job!
A paper route...

I thought she was awesome,
my mom thought she was
"from the wrong side of the tracks"
and pretty much forbade me
to keep hanging around her.

It was hard to make excuses
and avoid spending time with someone
whom you had previously hung out
for hours with,
but I was the obedient daughter
and I didn't hang around her anymore.

It got easier since I went to one high school,
and she went to another one,
but I never forgot her
and always wondered what happened to her...

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