Tuesday, April 23, 2019

T is for Time Machine

If you had access to a time machine, where would you go?
I guess, more correctly, when would you go?

We drove down to Orange County for my mother's services
and funeral.

They were beautiful and near perfect.
My eulogy was on point.
It was great seeing my cousins
and friends.

There was a lot of
"remember that?"
"what happened there?"
"wonder what they were thinking?"
as we poured over several photo albums which people 
had brought to the wake.

The older ones in the crowd identified
black and white photos of distance relatives.
We laughed at clothes and hairstyles.
We shared a lot of memories.
Which left me thinking,
if I had a chance to go back to a certain point in time
when would it be...
what experience would I love to relive...
or maybe, just be a fly on the wall to...

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betty said...

I thought of this a lot over the years. I'd like to go back to certain points of my life and make better decisions than I did at the time.

In history I also have several times I'd want to go and see. Like right after Jesus' resurrection and the disciples and their wonderment.

Of course we never can so that's why we have to live every moment to the best while we can.


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