Friday, November 18, 2011

Ultimas Semanas

Ooooh, it's getting so exciting!!  After all of these months, we're in the "ultimas semanas."  That means "final weeks" in Spanish.  If you remember a prior blog post back in May (wow time flies!), I had gotten my husband, my mom, and a co-worker involved in the daily dramatic adventures of Geronimo (the gorgeous Juan Soler) and Renata aka Regina (the lovely Silvia Navarro).

At that time, we didn't know if the couple would get together, then they did, then they broke up, then they got back together.  Now, an unexpected pregnancy and a dastardly suitor threaten their relationship.  And, we're in the "ultimas semanas!!"  Actually, I knew the end was drawing near.  I looked up the telenovela on Wikipedia and found out the air dates (while also trying to avert my eyes so I wouldn't mistakenly find out something and spoil the show), so I already knew the end date would be the last week of December.  But, I still can't believe the end is drawing near.

Not to sound cliche, but there's still so many loose ends to tie up.... what's going to happen to the evil mother and psycho office worker?  ...who's going to tell one of the minor actors he's dying of a brain tumor?  ... and how is the evil half-sister going to be punished?  Also, what's going to happen to this twin pregnancy?  They obviously can't have the babies born, so is the mother going to die, are the twins going to die, and if so, who's going to cause it?  Aarrgghh!  There are still so many question.

Well, it's going to be an exciting 5 weeks.  And, based on the fact that my prior blog post has gotten 3 times as many hits as all the others this year, I guess there's some interest out there in Enrique Iglesias, or maybe a lot of other women are as smitten with Juan Soler as I am... grrr....!

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betty said...

I remember that post from May, Veronica. This does sound like it is going to be an interesting finish this year! I hope it lives up to your expectations and doesn't leave any loose endings. Too funny too getting your hubby, mom and a coworker involved with it too. I'm sure you guys have fun trying to figure out what will happen next!!

I hope your weekend is a good one!


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