Friday, November 4, 2011

Bear Necessities

So we have a bear problem.  It started about a week ago when the contractor staying at our house told us he'd seen a bear in the "front acre" on the side of the house.  Then, a couple of days later I went up to the house to find this...

My wonderful, nee expensive, feed container was completely destroyed.  Since then we've been finding bear tracks close to the house and scat behind the barn.  So, we spent all of today "bear proofing" the hen house.  We closed off the barn, nailed hog wire all over, and made a door to help further secure our small flock of chickens.  I think the next step will be getting shot for our 12 gauge, but we're attempting non-violent means to start.

My guineas just turned 6 weeks old and our little bantams laid their first eggs today, and I think a bear skin rug might become de rigueur if anything happened to them.  

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That corgi :) said...

Oh wow!! But glad that you found out sooner than later that there was a bear hanging about so you could take precautions! How cool that the bantams laid eggs!!

if you do see the bear, do let us know!