Monday, November 7, 2011

History Lesson, or Maybe Not

One of the things DH and I like to do when traveling is stop at small shops with local products.  I had seen a wine and cheese tasting store in a small town near Medford, Oregon while my DH continued his search for the perfect hang-gliding spot.  While on our way back, I asked if he would stop so we could taste some of the local wines which Oregon is becoming more famous for.

We wandered around the store and sampled some of the dessert wines they were pouring, and we happened to ask about the region and why the town was a historical landmark.  Blank stares all around.  Now, not to say anything about the local clerks, but we like to find out a little something about the places we visit.  And, if you're going to work in one of these little towns where someone might be interested in the local history.... well, I'm just saying.

What I did find out about the town (thanks to Google) is that it was the first town settled in Southern Oregon.  Cool.  That's all I wanted to know....  And the little shop we stopped in... yummy homemade fudge and in-store smoked meats... OMG!  Not to mention the two bottles of local dessert wines we picked up... Cranberry/raspberry wine and a pear wine.  Delish!


betty said...

I used to live in Medford, Oregon, Veronica! And we went to Jacksonville a lot, at the time they had a children's museum that was really neat! Looks like a great place to visit when you guys took your drive!! That area is nice up there!! The wine sounds really good too!


Lori said...

I love sampling local specialties. My daughter always buys local honey when we are traveling. She LOVES good honey and actually keeps a journal with what she buys and where and then rates them. lol My husband makes wine, and we have some pear wine making right now; also crabapple, grape, and strawberry.

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