Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sausage Stuffing

I wear pajamas to work.  I wanted a career where I didn't have to think about getting dressed every morning.  Not that I mind dressing up, just when you're in the medical profession it's one less thing to think about. So I wear scrubs, daily.

It's actually very comfortable;  that and my collection of Dansko clogs.  I've got about 6 pairs now.  However, it's not very comfortable on those rare occasions when I've got to get into regular clothes.

See... scrubs are generous.  They're not form-fitting.  I could gain and lose 10 pounds and still fit into the same pair of scrubs.  So when I have to dress up in regular clothes... well, sometimes it's not that pretty.  Like most women, I just can't pull something off the rack and think it will fit me well.  That little black dress I used to wear, forget about it... not happening this month.

Tonight was the benefit ball for the hospital;  the one time a year when everyone gets dressed up and raises money for some new equipment for the hospital.  I think I've explained this is a flannel-wearing, Carhart-sportin' kinda place, so getting dressed up for anything is quite the event.

My friend refers to it as "sausage stuffing" which pretty much describes what happens when you try to fit your size 12 body into your size 10 dress... She likes to say she's one good bout of gastroenteritis away from fitting into a size 6.  For me that would involve several months on a liquid diet and some pretty radical surgery.  But, I digress.  We had a lot of fun tonight.  Thanks to some elastic, a little spandex, and some smart clothing buys... Spanx, anyone...?

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betty said...

LOL Veronica!! Here's the funny thing, I remember you writing about last year's event (I think I remember you writing about last year's event) I can't believe you have been at your new place for a year, but you have!

Scrubs and sweats are wonderful, but you are right, they are very forgiving. That's why I tend to avoid the sweats and wear jeans most days because rarely do they forgive :)

enjoy today!


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