Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get Out Much...?

There's a stupid movie that came out several years ago called "Employee of the Month."  Stupid, yes.  Entertaining, yes.  Shows that Jessica Simpson can not act, oh yes!

I was thinking about this movie today because it was our bi-monthly or so trip "to the city" to go grocery shopping at Costco.  It's funny, when I first interviewed for a job here, I was warned there were no major shopping centers.  No problem, I thought, since I don't like shopping anyway.  However, everyone talked about going to Costco.

See, the next biggest store is probably Target, and it definitely is no Walmart.  Not around here anyway.  So, everyone goes to Costco for the majority of their shopping.  And, since a lot of people live in areas that are a couple of hours' drive away, they make a day of it.  And, so do we I hate to admit.

My hubby likes hitting the store just about lunch time because that's when all the samples start coming out.  Hit it just right, and you can pretty much have lunch for free.  I like walking up and down the aisles to see what's new, what's still available.  And, every month the selection changes in the center aisle.  So you can almost live the seasons of the year just by seeing what's in the center display.

Yeah yeah, I know, it's the little things that keep us entertained now that I'm living the country life...

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betty said...

LOL, Veronica! I do remember those days living in Montana; not quite as rural of where you are living now, but shopping was limited and I too did enjoy those samples at Costco!!

Hey, you're almost there!! November 30 tomorrow!! Good job finishing the challenge, even with work, being sick, etc!


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