Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Hate Shopping

I don't know that I've ever admitted this in public, but I really hate shopping.  It's not the going out and getting things that bothers me... it's all the people crowding the aisles, grabbing clothes off the rack, the general chaos.  I only ever truly enjoyed grocery shopping when I was in medical school.  That's because I would be leaving the hospital at midnight or going in for an early start and would stop by the local grocery store which was open 24 hours.

There's something special about a clean, quiet store;  with only the workers moving about the aisles, stocking them.  Everything is straight and orderly.  For the most part, I could take my time and check out new products.  I could stand in an aisle and not worry about blocking someone with my cart while I debated brands of potato chips and soap.  And, my absolute most favorite thing to do.... I could do... I like leaving my cart of groceries at the beginning of the aisle, walking down the aisle to get whatever I need, and then walking back.  Granted I like going slowly up and down the aisles... but, the sheer convenience of leaving my cart behind is heavenly.

I especially don't like clothes shopping.  I'm a "know what I need, walk into the store, grab the item off the rack and head for the cash register" kinda girl.  I had a friend who I went shopping with one time.  She grabbed a pair of pants after deliberating for about 30 minutes as to what cut of pants she wanted;  front pocket, no pocket, pleated with pockets... uuggghh!  Then, she had to grab one size up and one size down from her usual size.  Then it was the parade from the dressing room to the mirror with each one.  Then back again for the next size.  Then back when the right size was established.  Don't even mention picking a different color in the same style because then the process repeated itself.  Just in case the sizes ran different between the two colors.

When I am home, I make my mom go to Walmart at 7 in the morning.  No crowds.  Clear aisles.  I almost feel like I have the whole store to myself.  Plus, since I wear scrubs to work every day, the only clothes I wear are usually, I am proud although maybe slightly embarrassed to say, from Old Navy.  Now that's a run in, grab my size and run out kinda store.  I like it.


betty said...

I'm so with you Veronica! I'm not a shopper either. I don't "get" those people that enjoy going shopping, perusing the stores, checking this and that out. I want to be in and out as quick as I can. Drives me crazy when I go grocery shopping with hubby; we meander up and down the aisles, I want to cruise them as quickly as I can and be out of there.

Hope you had a nice day!


Bookncoffee said...

Saw you on Guido's site. Like your blog. I was on AOL too. Following this one now. I kinda have mixed feelings bout shopping. I enjoy when I'm in the mood and have money to spend. lol Don't do crowds too well though. Gets on my nerves. I hate to admit it but it does.

elizabeth said...

I'm the same way anymore. I think I told you about how claustrophobic I was in the big city...I get the same way in crowded stores. I think working in the ED has me on a path to agoraphobia!! elizabeth

Lori said...

I hate shopping too! When I admit that people think I'm nuts. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

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