Friday, November 11, 2011

Three Wishes

Everyone was talking about the date today, and a lot of Facebook chatter seemed to be focused on making three wishes...  If you could make three wishes what would they be...?

1.  To be able to go back and learn to cook with my grandmother.  I long for some of her special recipes.  Some are simple dishes, some more complex.  I would run to the corner store for her, and I should remember most of the supplies, but I don't remember how to put the dishes together.  I really miss her special sauces and soups.  No one makes them like her.

2.  Did you ever watch the movie "Peggy Sue Got Married?"  I would like the chance to see certain forks in the road where I made a choice that affected my life and find out where my life would have been different.  Would my life be very much different than it is now, or would I have pretty much ended up in the same circumstances?

3.  I would like one special talent.  I know a lot about a lot of things.  I've dabbled in music and the arts.  But, I know I will never be a master anything.  I just don't have the dedication, nor the skill.  I can do some things well, but I will never be the best at something.  Kind of like the goal I had as a kid to be in the olympics.  Every year that passed was another opportunity lost.  At this point I think I could possibly only compete in sailing or equestrian.  Although Dara Torres did give a lot of us inspiration to be better than ourselves.  Hmm... wonder if it's too late to take up swimming....?

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betty said...

I just had a lot of fun typing 11/11/11 yesterday; easy to type and it looked neat!

I bet that would have been neat to have the opportunity to learn to cook with your grandmother. I'm sure her food was sooo delicious and you are right, when a grandmother or mother have their own special way of making something, even though the recipe is there, it doesn't taste quite the same!

I too often wonder what would have happened if I took that road or path.

enjoy the day!


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