Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 6

Tonight we went to our hospital's Benefit Ball which was themed "Diamonds are Forever."  It was a nice chance to get dressed up and help raise money for the hospital.

It made me remember back to being a volunteer in Southern California at our local community hospital.  We were invited to assist with their Foundation Ball which featured a performance by Jay Leno and a great performance by Aretha Franklin.  I still have the CD that her people gave us as thanks for helping out at the Ball.

I remember being a starving pre-med student watching all the doctors, benefactors, members of the board walking around in their tuxedos and wondering if I would ever be a part of something like this.  Sixteen years later, here I am.  While I am still not able to bid $3500 for a painting or a set of box seats to a SF Giants game,  it was still fun participating in the silent auction and winning a Weber Grill and Smoker for just slightly more than retail.

Funny thing is, we've been eating vegetarian and very rarely ever eat even fish.... How many glasses of wine did I have with dinner...?  Oh, well, it's all for a good cause....!


Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

You can grill veggies on there. I marinate my veggies with an Italian type salad dressing and grill them.

Or you could give it away or donate it for some other cause.

That corgi :) said...

LOL Veronica!!! too cute!! but just remember it went for a worthy cause!!

sounded like a fun event!