Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 23

Ok, I have 20 minutes to get this post in for today.  So I thought I would quickly write about something I love.... cows.... which I am now happy to be surrounded by in the are in which we are living.
These are just some of my new neighbors.  

Every day on my way to work I pass several dairies.  They rotate the cows around from field to field so it's interesting to see where any group of cows will be on any given day.  It can also vary depending on the time of day I am driving through the main road.

Some fields will be full of soft brown guernseys.  Other fields will have the familiar black and white holsteins.  Some will be full of young calves;  others full of udder-ful heifers.  And, I do notice that the saying "party till the cows come home" probably has some truth to it as I have seen some herds of cows running to the barn at certain times of the day.  No one is rounding them up, they just seem to get in line and start heading for home.

What do I like most about cows?  Cheese... it goes good on everything.  And my DH can't understand how I will cut off a wedge "finger" of cheese and munch on it as a snack.  It's just that good.  Pizza - always with extra cheese.  Offer me any type of cheese on whatever I am eating, and I will say, "yes, please to cheese."

And something I've often wondered..... Gary Larson showed it best....


betty said...

Always loved Gary Larson's humor!! I have got to say, I think you are the first person I know that likes cows like this! I'm not sure I would even know what a Holstein looked like. Cool too that you are close to dairies (except if the wind is blowing the wrong way :)

Cheese is a good snack indeed!! Filled with protein and in moderate is not that high in calories!

cute entry Veronica!


Lori said...

I remember that old Larson cartoon. I've always liked cows, too. My dad worked on a dairy and then drove a milk truck for 30 years. I can remember sitting on a fence and "talking" to some friendly bossys when I was a little girl. They always listened and always had such sympathetic looks in their big, brown eyes.

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