Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 30... Huzzah!!

All righty then.... I made it through 30 days of blogging... OK, 29... but still.  It's been a long month.  I thought that I would never run out of things to blog about.  Granted I can always write about work, but seriously... how often do you want to read about the same patients and their complaints?  And, I'm not at the Drama Trauma center any more, so no more interesting stories from them.

Looking forward:  At church this Sunday the pastor mentioned something that I have always felt - Christ is the reason for the season.  Yes, ok, Hanukkah is around the same time of year, but it's considered a minor holiday.  Kind of like how Cinco de Mayo (a small battle fought in Puebla, Mexico) is a minor remembrance as compared to the 16 de Septiembre which is the Mexican Independence Day.  But, I digress.

For years, I've always said, "Merry Christmas" in response to someone's holiday greeting.  My Christmas cards say, "Merry Christmas" when I can find them with a bear or cow or fancy Christmas tree on them.  And, I say, let city halls in communities with a preponderance of Christians be allowed to decorate their grounds with a Nativity scene.

Christmas in Wisconsin
I love Christmas.  It's my favorite time of year.  I love decorating.  Getting a tree.  Putting up lights outside which I will be able to do this year!  They won't be covered with snow, though, for the first time in 13 years.  Wow... it will be a wet Merry Christmas this year...!  Looking forward to hearing (and reading) how you celebrate yours...!


betty said...

for unto us a child is born, Jesus is indeed the reason for the season!! yet sadly so many people put him on the back burner this time of year. We got the best gift of all, eternal salvation, eternity with Jesus! what can compare to that!!!

We're going to be doing it simply this year with decorations and whatnot, but Jesus will always be on the forefront of our celebrations indeed!

and congrats for 30/30!!!


Julie said...

Christmas is my favorite time of year also and the only one I really decorate for. I love how my house looks and smells, I love the songs. I love how people will actually smile at you.

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